Blaugrana Podcast S02E14: Une victoire coûteuse


Blaugrana Podcast S02E14.

Le Barca bat Séville 4-2 et il est premier en LIGA.
Ter Stegen a été phénoménal, mais Messi c’est fracturé le bras.

Débat sur le retour de Neymar au Barca, le départ de Malcolm, la rumeur Arsène Wenger et le prochain candidat à la présidence du Barca.

Bonne écoute!

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Michael Miller is from Montréal, Québec. His love for football goes back to his early childhood when his uncle, an avid FC Barcelona supporter and admirer of the legendary Johan Cruyff, taught him everything he knows about Total Football. Michael hosts the ''Premier Podcast'', which is an English-language podcast dedicated to the #CanPL. He also co-hosts ''Le Blaugrana Podcast'', the only French language podcast about FC Barcelona, with his colleague Alek Avendano. Michael is a member of Kan Football Club, a soccer media outlet which covers the Montréal Impact, among various other soccer related content. On Northern Starting Eleven, he covers soccer from a Québec perspective. Outside of soccer, he loves music and produces his own, which can be heard on his podcasts, as well as several other soccer related shows. His love for football transcends the field and he has interest in everything surrounding the game. Michael is chartered professional accountant and holds a graduate degree in finance from McGill University, therefore he naturally keeps an eye on the business aspect of soccer as well.