Last Tuesday in Laval, I had the honor of witnessing the 5th “Elle & Sport” edition, a testament to women’s evolving role in sports and business, led by Alexandre Kénol.

1. Dare to Break Through with Courage 🔓: In the world of “Elle & Sport”, taking the initiative, engaging in dialogue with leaders, and sharing your ideas loudly and proudly is crucial. This means not only initiating conversations with those in positions of influence but also challenging the status quo and offering innovative solutions to old problems. It’s about embracing the vulnerability of potentially being wrong in the pursuit of doing something remarkable. Whether it’s presenting a new project idea to your team, reaching out to a mentor, or pitching in front of potential investors, each act of courage paves the way for others to follow. Remember, the most impactful changes often start with a single voice daring to be heard amidst silence..

2. Stay Positive in All Circumstances ☀️: Cultivating a positive mindset from “Elle & Sport” women’s is not about ignoring the challenges and setbacks inherent in the pursuit of excellence. Instead, it’s about choosing to focus on opportunities and solutions rather than dwelling on problems. This positive outlook encourages resilience, allowing you to bounce back from failures and learn from them. It also attracts like-minded individuals, creating a supportive and uplifting community. Positivity in this context means celebrating every small victory, maintaining a grateful perspective for the opportunity to compete and grow, and seeing every obstacle as a chance to improve and innovate. It’s the fuel that keeps the fire of ambition burning, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Elle et Sport positive thinking in women sports

3. Choose Your Circle Wisely 🤝: In the journey towards success, the value of surrounding yourself with the right people play a pivotal role. Seek out mentors who have walked the path you aspire to tread. Engage with peers who share your ambition and resilience. This network isn’t just for motivation; it’s a brain trust for strategies, feedback, and sometimes, the hard truths needed to foster growth. Engaging in communities, whether online forums or local clubs focused on women in sports, can open doors to invaluable connections and insights. Remember, every interaction is a chance to learn and every relationship can steer you closer to your goals.

4. Be Prepared to Sacrifice for Excellence 💪: Achieving excellence from “Elle & Sport” panelists demands more than just talent and luck. It requires the discipline to persistently train, improve, and sometimes, forego immediate gratification for long-term gains. This might mean waking up before dawn for training, spending weekends at workshops, or even limiting social engagements to focus on your goals. Yet, it’s crucial to monitor your mental and physical health through this process. Recognizing the signs of burnout and understanding that rest is not a sign of weakness but a part of the path to excellence ensures that the sacrifices made are sustainable and fruitful.

5. Face Impostor Syndrome 🎭: Impostor syndrome—the feeling of not being good enough despite achievements—can be particularly pronounced in fields where women have historically been underrepresented, such as sports and leadership positions like “Elle & Sport” guests. It’s essential to acknowledge these feelings but not let them dictate your actions. Gather evidence of your accomplishments, seek feedback from those you respect, and remind yourself of your strengths and the unique perspective you bring to the table. Engaging with stories of other women who have overcome similar feelings can provide both comfort and tactics for navigating these challenges. Remember, courage doesn’t always roar; sometimes, it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Elle & Sport of women athletes overcoming challenges

A moment to also celebrate the partnership with La Lancée, perfectly aligning with “Elle & Sport’s” mission to advance girls and women in sport and physical activity in Quebec.

A special nod to renowned panelists like Isabelle Éthier, France Taillon, Tenicha Gittens, Nadège Akamse, Karina Naim, Claudine Douville, and honorary president Me. Isabelle Thiffault, who shared invaluable perspectives.

Thank you, Alexandre Kénol, and all the speakers, for another successful edition. Let’s continue to support the rise of women in the business of sports with “Elle & Sport”!